Military Training in Rockhampton

For the past three weeks, I have been in Rockhampton, Australia, on a military exercise. The weather there has been cold at night and scorching in the day; and the level of humidity is extremely low.

These are some highlights and low downs of my experiences there: (1) Outfield exercise involved breathtaking scenery by the lake and atop the knoll, (2) The canteen staff was friendly, especially Eilish, (3) I had a flirty conversation with a travelling stripper at the strip club, (4) My money was stolen by some fucker in the military camp, (5) I could not tolerate the utter disrespect of some of my platoon-mates and (6) The garlic chicken balls in the canteen was awesome.

Because I hadn’t brought entertainment devices to Australia, I spent my lull time reading or writing when in outfield. Here are some of the notes and haikus I wrote in boredom, melancholy, rage and tranquility (each piece depended on my mood).

I was feeling melancholic and pissed off when I wrote this.

Loneliness and solitude,

They follow from birth

And cease within thy coffin.

And this was written when calm but bored.

The Rockhampton spring saunters,

Dark skies creeping in…

Brings forth cold shivering winds.

This was written when I felt rage towards a group of people in my platoon.

I am offended by your words and presumptions.

But I do not speak.

Hate and loathing overcome relations.

My silence; your bewilderment.

Do not take my presence, our friendship and my ego for granted.

– Logen