Apprehensive Over Managing My Business and Curtin Studies

Adjusting my sleeping habits back to normal hours have come at a cost. I feel tired all the time and have become less productive. I expect this to change though. My body has to relearn a new sleep-wake pattern and it takes time, since I’ve fucked it up in the past half a decade.

So, what’s new? I’m starting to see a pattern in my freelance business and have insights on my¬†impediments¬†to reaching the business’s potential. I need manpower and I need focus by the means of a daily agenda. This is even more crucial when the following week arrives, because I’m beginning my university double-major course at Curtin. I’ve got to calm myself and take things a step at a time; I’m having paralysis-by-analysis at the moment…

It’s been difficult. These days, the happiness I’m seeking is far away – invisible in this chaos and darkness. Some times, I feel content and am in the moment despite the chaos around me. But when I get my usual energy lows, doubt and worries creep in. Sad to say, I don’t have an exciting social life and my time is restricted to spending quality time with friends over dinner. Where is the excitement? In fact, excitement is far away concept to me as well. The energy to rein in my emotions when managing the business, has also rein in my love for seeking thrills.

I’m going to end here. I’ve been farting non-stop and the smell is killing me… It is needless to say where I will be going after this sentence…


Auctioning off DiaryPress.com

To my dear readers, you may know that I was once a part-time domain name trader. I’ll be auctioning off some of my best domain names during these few weeks.

On the 13th of April at 2.03 am (Singapore time) the domain name, DiaryPress.com will be auctioned at Bido.com. Bido.com is a reputable domain name auction site in the industry.

Please share this news with your friends and family who want a brandable domain name that is most suited for personal, entertainment or news media websites.

For the benefit of my readers in New York (EDT), the auction begins at 2.03 pm on 12 April. I do value my readers from other parts of the world, but well, the default timing given to me for the auction in New York Time. So, I’m not biased. Haha.

Click here for the Bido auction details!

Please help to spread the news. Thanks.

Logen L.