Auctioning off

To my dear readers, you may know that I was once a part-time domain name trader. I’ll be auctioning off some of my best domain names during these few weeks.

On the 13th of April at 2.03 am (Singapore time) the domain name, will be auctioned at is a reputable domain name auction site in the industry.

Please share this news with your friends and family who want a brandable domain name that is most suited for personal, entertainment or news media websites.

For the benefit of my readers in New York (EDT), the auction begins at 2.03 pm on 12 April. I do value my readers from other parts of the world, but well, the default timing given to me for the auction in New York Time. So, I’m not biased. Haha.

Click here for the Bido auction details!

Please help to spread the news. Thanks.

Logen L.