Neuro Linguistic Programming, A Way To Change Behaviour?

I came across the term ‘Neuro Linguistic Programming’ (NLP) again recently. I have a rough idea of what it means and saw it in effect on the Tyra Show.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a means for changing behaviour, which are deep-set in the subconscious. To learn and unlearn behaviour.

Before having a clearer idea on what it was, I thought it was a cheater’s way of doing things. The results would be there but it’d be impermanent. I was wrong.

In NLP, it is proposed that behaviour was learnt at a young age. When you found an effective way of doing things, you replicated it till it became habitualised. Thus, based on that proposition, if you can unlearn certain defected behaviour, things could change. In other words, you are not stuck the way you are.

This knowledge can be applied to unlearn phobias, anxiety, depression triggers and so on. That’s why I’m interested in it.

Before, I had only two solutions to changing behaviour. They were either meditation or the 14 days of replicating a new habit. Meditation to change was time consuming and the 14 days technique required hard core persistence. Both could work hand in hand. But I’m too impatient and hasty. NLP was said to give quicker results.

If I hadn’t considered NLP, I would be meditating with a cockroach in front of me to dispel my fear of them. I’m not joking here. However, that would require myself to be a more accomplished meditator to prevent myself from running out of the room screaming.

Anyway, allow me to find out more about Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques, try them and then tell you if they work.

Logen L.