My Intepretation of Depression

I’ve spoken about depression in my last few entries. Before my words are misconstrued, here is my intepretation of what depression essentially entails. Depression is an overwhelming sense of anger, despair, or sadness that persists for over two weeks. It has the power to destroy a person’s sense of being and personality.

On this basis, from Secondary 3 onwards, I had an onslaught of despair and sadness, lasting for up to six months. It ceased for several weeks before repeating itself. Despite small relapses, I recovered between the end of 2006 and start of 2007. These relapses are seldom as acute, but if I get paranoid about them being permanent, it become agony.

Thusfar, I’ve avoided talking about my triggers. I’m afraid to be judged for them and admit myself to be oversensitive. Those triggers have a life of their own. It’s not unlike looking at an old photo and having a video montage of happy memories replaying in your mind. Contrary to happiness, those memories cause me misery.

Enough said. I’ve exhausted my braincells and my body is aching for sleep. To my ever-so-silent readers, do give me feedback on what you like and dislike about my site. Suggest topics that you’d be interested to read about.

Good night.


P.S. Mandy I’ll post the meme you tagged me on another entry, on another day.