Rambling Aimlessly About My Hair, Arse and Money

I change my mind. I like the hair now, despite it looking a tad bit similar to the previous one.

Having not been to the gym for the past 3 weeks, I’m conscious of my arse being overlarge. Sighs. No matter. When the vacation ends, I’ll be returning to the gym.

Anyway, here I await the arrival of my winning auction shipments. The titanium ring better me worth my money and time because of the payment processing problem.



Short Hair, Long Hair or Hybrid Hair

The Black Blazer

Seven weeks ago, I looked like this. But now, my hair just looks horrendous. I have naturally wavy hair, which bulks up pretty quickly. The problem is worsened because my previous use of bleach has dried my hair.

I’m considering having a hybrid of long and short hair. Perhaps a gothic hairstyle but I’m not ready to sport a mohawk again.

Please aid me in this decision by completing my poll below. I’d like feedback as well. Thanks