Aikido Haircut

I’m back from the salon with my new haircut. As before, I’m not even sure if I like it.

I gave the hair dresser picture references and told her to make it suitable for my head shape and hair texture. It turns out now that my fringe seems bulky and the hair at the sides of my head is short. I can forget about the blue highlights already…

Sighs. I should be able to make adjustments though, considering my resourcefulness for the past few haircuts. I won’t be surprised if I end up liking it. But for now, I’ll have a neutral attitude towards my hair.

Anyway, I have Aikido later. Hopefully we’ll be doing rolls. I need to perfect my back roll and work on my front roll as well. It seems that I’m relying too much on my shoulder. I tried rolling a few times a day on my tiled floor and ended up bruising my shoulder. Not to mention, I’m not able to complete Shomenuchi Ikyo on a full-forced overhead strike.

I just hope that I won’t pair up with a rough senior… especially if we do Irimi Nage.

I remember when my head was locked underneath a seniors musky armpit. As it is, the technique requires the defender to off balance the attacker by doing a 180 or 360 degree spin and then throw him, which is very disorientating if done at natural speed and force. This senior was rough and his musky armpit odour just made me feel nauseous. Imagine having to keep getting up to get thrown again and have your nose directly under someone’s sweaty armpits. Urgh…

Kowaiye Desu!

Never mind me. I’m just feeling neurotic and moody..

Logen L.


My Eccentricities and Quirks

Everyone have their quirks, some are more noticable than others. Mine falls under the noticable category. So, in this post, I’ll reveal eleven of them, which you may or may not know of.

1. I have a wild imagination and am open about it. Usually I spontaneously talk to my friends as if they were beings of my imagination (wizards, ninjas and so on). Some of them give me ‘the look’ when that happens. You know the look parents show when they pretend to be impressed at their five-year-old child’s scribble of an artwork.

2. I used to be a loud and proud farter in secondary school. I would warn my friends about it by saying “curfew” and anounce the estimated quantity of fart in grams. (I know how to manipulate a  potentially loud fart and turn it into a silent fart.)

3. I hate revealing my vulnerabilities to people I don’t know/don’t know well/don’t like. (That’s why I suck at camp team-bonding crap)

4. I wrinkle my nose and hold my breathe when I use a toilet filled with urine vapour. This results in me being out of breath when I walk out of the toilet.

5. I constantly feel my pockets to check if my keys, phone and wallet are in there. I would be able to narrow down the area at which, my items may be lost at, if it becomes lost.

6. I enjoy solitude sometimes.

7. I am very particular about my privacy and have no respect for people who do not know where to draw the line.

8. I am addicted to shopping on Ebay

9. I become particularly bitchy and spontaneous when I get cranky and tired.

10. At times, when I pass by a funeral procession that reminds me of my grandfather, I feel immense sadness.

11. I don’t want a traditional funeral for myself. If I die a natural death, I’d want people to come up to my coffin and laugh boisterously like I always do. They should all have a feast of chicken rice, barbeque sting ray, kang kong, hot plate tofu and kaki fuyong for dinner at the funeral. And drink a cup of milo-si-kosong-peng (iced milo without condensed milk, add skimmed milk). Wow, that’s really sad. I will be looking at my mourners eating my favourite foods… Oh yes the epitaph! I want it to say: here lies a wizard and a ninja, who lived to eat and laugh. And I’m not joking.

Okay, that’s all for now.

Logen L.


Averse to Hair and Itching

Instead of last week, school began this week due to chicken pox.

I screwed up my hair with the hair cut. Actually, this is a subjective view. I’m not as averse to it as my friends are. But I admit, this wasn’t the hairstyle I wanted.

As always, my hair has too much bulk to pull off a certain look. Therefore, I’d be doing some repairing by bleaching it brown. Not only does this change the colour but it also thins my hair (in theory that is). If this doesn’t work, I’ll be seeing my neighbourhood barber to see how he can salvage it.

Oh well… I’ve got to source for a salon that can fulfill my eccentric hairstyle requests in the future. And someone needs to give me lessons on managing unmanagable hair.

Besides the hair issue, my eczema has worsened after the chicken pox episode. I’ve currently increased my dosage of antihistamines to no avail. Well, if the itching continues, I’ll become unpleasantly temperamental like before. I was told by the doctor that my eczema was stress-induced but I’m not sure if I’m stressed. Unless you count getting pissed off…

Thinking about whatever is already starting to piss me off again… Why am I the unique one to get some stupid skin condition…

Logen L.


The New Semester’s New Look

School semester begins in a week. It’s time to stress about my hair.

Here’s the plan:

  1. Self-straighten my hair on Tuesday, which is today.
  2. Print a sample picture of the hairstyle I want, and make an appointment with the salon.
  3. Go to the salon on Thursday for the haircut. Explain to and show the hair dresser my desired hairstyle.

It should be quite simple because this time, I am clear on what I want.

If the outcome is a success, I’ll post the picture. If not, I may still post it. If it looks like donkey ass, forget it. Hahaha.



Rambling Aimlessly About My Hair, Arse and Money

I change my mind. I like the hair now, despite it looking a tad bit similar to the previous one.

Having not been to the gym for the past 3 weeks, I’m conscious of my arse being overlarge. Sighs. No matter. When the vacation ends, I’ll be returning to the gym.

Anyway, here I await the arrival of my winning auction shipments. The titanium ring better me worth my money and time because of the payment processing problem.



Haircut That Did Not Wow Me

I had my haircut just now and I’m speechless about it. I neither mean speechless in the good sense nor bad sense.

It looks the same as when I cut my hair 3 months ago. I wanted something eccentrically drastic but what I saw in the mirror didn’t wow me.

New Haircut for Term 2, Semester 2, Year 1

I’ll definitely play around with it to discover the looks I can pull off. However, as I had just straightened it, I will have to be careful. I might just dye it again…


P.S. I went to Sentosa with Ais and Mandy. Pictures upcoming.