Her Smile Causes My Guilt

I love you. But that very love makes me unworthy to another girl. I want to forget it; I can’t.

She smiled at me today and my hearbeat quickens. I have a teensy crush on her. Then suddenly, I remember your beautiful face, of which I needed to let go. It made me immensely guilty. What if she knew that I once wanted you for you(I still do)? She’d renounce me for me.

Better to not start a relationship, especially when the emotional investment is a sure flop. I need no more hurts…

Pain among pains. I have to speak and write in ambiguousness. Life has sealed my lips and tied my tongue. I fear of what the future entails.

With wasted love,

P.S. I have another blog (Logish Money Tree). It deals with investment and finance from a beginner’s perspective.