The Knowing Heart

I know your heart now. I’ve placed too much hope on hope. I’ll erase your name from my mind.

Neither am I bitter nor overjoyed. I’ve accepted my stand and your unconscious stand. We are too different; our desires contrast from one another. Not to forget, I belong to a different dimension.

Let’s be realistic though, the sight of you still gives me a high. I end up with a silly grin, and the urge to faint on the spot. But I now know… what I wasn’t sure of.

Amaranth by Nightwish

Logen L.


Beings of Different Worlds

Your innocent eyes brings me profound misery. It is as though you have wrenched my beating heart with those graceful fingers and forced it into an over-small box.

The misery so profound because we are beings of separate dimensions and I’ve had the misfortune to fancy you. While in proximity we can be close, our hearts are separated by a heavy veil between each dimension.

Somehow, I hoped and believed I could challenge the laws of this world but I was stupid. I awaited the day you’d utter my name with the fevour of those who pray. It never came.

I’m a pathetic fool who is in love with you. I’m a dirty animal that you should rightly scorn because that is how it is. And I’m an idiot to leave myself vulnerable by trying to love.

Logen L.


The Irony of You

Under the starry skies shall we lay for eternity. Calming acoustic sounds drift from the distance. It is upon the sands of time that we sit, listening to the whispering seas. Discussing the cosmos of life and death and as ever shall I appreciate your voice.

As the cool zephyr sieves through your hair, like it does the palm trees, your ethereal face shan’t go unnoticed. And while we huddle for warmth, we draw our breaths as one. Thereon, eyes closed, your scent is adequate reassurance.

With suddenness, I gasp; you are gone. Too bad. This is but a dream… Irony…



The Paradox of Dreams and Love

It’s Christmas Eve. Yet I lack the complete enthusiasm associated with the season.

I looked through my writing journal just now. This is what I wrote months ago…

I see it in my dreams. But no one can take things from Dreamland to our world. The gates separating both realms are sized to our bodies; nothing else would pass through.

Regretfully, I should have slept on, eternally dreaming about my forbidden fruit.

Well, I love my dreams. They are usually vivid and weird. The above prose obviously talks about my love, or rather, lack thereof.

Happy Holidays.



Her Smile Causes My Guilt

I love you. But that very love makes me unworthy to another girl. I want to forget it; I can’t.

She smiled at me today and my hearbeat quickens. I have a teensy crush on her. Then suddenly, I remember your beautiful face, of which I needed to let go. It made me immensely guilty. What if she knew that I once wanted you for you(I still do)? She’d renounce me for me.

Better to not start a relationship, especially when the emotional investment is a sure flop. I need no more hurts…

Pain among pains. I have to speak and write in ambiguousness. Life has sealed my lips and tied my tongue. I fear of what the future entails.

With wasted love,

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