Five Goals For My Holidays

The common tests are over. Now comes the three-weeks vacation.

More than ever, I’m determined to work on these things as part of my life list.

  1. Be more confident
  2. Write one short story
  3. Have better fitness and stamina
  4. Complete an art piece for Deviant Art
  5. Earn US$10 by year-end with my passive web investments


Be more confident

The past weeks, I observed myself closely for indications of what my confidence level could be. I found a link between my confidence and fitness level.

Whenever I walk, I’ll make sure to pull my shirt lower to cover my huge behind and try to suck in my tummy. The problem is, I do this every few minutes that it looks so strange. Because I’m so concerned about the tummy and the ass, I end up walking awkwardly. This usually happens when I’m surrounded by people I don’t know, or don’t know well.

I’ll be taking a two-pronged approach towards arriving at this goal. There can be no doubt that I have to work on my level of confidence directly. However, I will have to eliminate the obstacle of being unfit as well.

Write one short story

It’s been 2 years and I have yet to write a short story. My procrastination in this goal is psychological. I have nothing to fear from writing a short story, yet I fear many things. What if I have only these few ideas within my head? What if I really suck at writing?

Then again, I’ve proven to myself that these concerns are barely possible. I constantly have weird and morbid dreams to supply me with ideas. And since secondary school, I have been praised for my writing style by some friends and the teacher.

Have better fitness and stamina

The implication of being fitter and having more stamina is multi fold. Not only will this allow me to be more confident, achieving this goal will prepare me for the two years of NS (National Service).

I’m planning to steadily build up my stamina and fitness, and have begun doing so this morning.

Complete an art piece for Deviant Art

I have never liked what the school defined as art. They restrict and coerce you to do ‘art’ in the way they deem fit.

Art to me is freedom to express your perception of the world. While I’m no Picasso, I want to feel this freedom to express me and upload it on Deviant Art.

Earn US$10 by year-end with my passive web investments

Thus far, I’ve stopped selling my stock of domain names on Ebay. Instead, I’d like to focus on earning passive income from certain web developments I own. US$10 may not seem a lot. But in this recession coupled with my lack of experience, it will be an achievement.

Logen L.