Things To Do Before Being Conscripted

This is the year when I’ll be conscripted into the military. Before that happens, I intend to do these things:

1. Attain Silver for NAPFA

The two obstacles that I face in this physical fitness test are the standing broad jump and pull ups. I must be in time to take the test in mid April.

2. Learn to do the Melbourne Shuffle

I’ve fallen in love with shuffling ever since I’ve seen it done on YouTube. But after seeing some girl at Powerhouse shuffle, I’m determined to master it. Muahaha!

3. Gardening and re-potting

After my efforts at weeding months ago, the aloe vera plant is flourishing. Baby aloe veras are sprouting and I intend to re-pot them.

4. Write one short story

I’ve said on several occasions that I want to write short stories. However, I’ve always allowed procrastination to get the better of me. This time I want to brush up on my language and get to writing.

5. Meditate and live life

Though I’m aware, I’ve been drifting in fatigue and without direction for the past weeks. I’ve got a lot to reflect on by attempting insight meditation. Also, I’ve got a lot of partying and clubbing to do. That’s part of living life, is it not?

6. Increase Online Earnings

Yes. I’ve been doing this for a long time. I daresay, so much so that I neglect other parts of my life. Therein lies the reason for putting this goal as the last.

That is all. I’ll take action when I wake.

Logen L.