Is Motivation or Perseverance More Important

I’ve taken a 7-day stint on my goals. It’s this procrastination syndrome I suffer from.

Nonetheless, I shall take this failure as a break and reflect. At the very least, this serves as a reminder for the following.

Motivation for change is a powerful driving force. However, it is temporary. Once the mind is disillusioned by time and obstacles, motivation ceases. Therefore, the only other driving factor to keep one’s momentum is perseverance.

The more I think about it, it seems perseverance, as a force, is equal to motivation. They complement each other. Motivation is the reason behind one’s goal. Perseverance is the mysterious force, which drives one, even when there is no indication of success.

Of motivation and perseverance, one without the other, is a sure path to failure. Without motivation you have no purpose and no goal; without perseverance, you give up before succeeding.