Waste Not The Sands of Time

Contrary to school days, I’ve taken to handling life at a sedate and relaxed pace. I don’t recall the last time when I stopped my mental banter, just to appreciate the purple evening sky coupled with the scent of rain. To truly contemplate circumstance without being affected personally.

Purple Skies

While I may be relaxing, I have not become unproductive with time. After all, time is the essence of life, without which, life wouldn’t exist at all.

The issue I face, however, is procrastination. In a previous blog entry, for instance, I explicitly intended to design the layouts for both Justice Tribunal and Logish Paradox. Yet I avoided the two and instead, designed my uncle’s website. I noticed on several occasions that I have a knack for doing so; avoiding my written plans and doing something else.

I did some pondering and could only guess that the fear of failure is acting up. I’m subconsciously afraid of letting myself down, especially when I planned certain things and announced them in the blog.

Then again, for me to confess this fear, makes it sound ridiculous. And it is. I can only work at it. Success is never a result of inaction.