Speaking Against Hate and Discrimination

I’m outspoken when it comes to discrimination, even among friends. However, there are times when you have to roll your eyes in exasperation and hold your tongue.

I’ve mentioned that I shall write various entries on discrimination (focusing on racial, religious and sexual orientation). Aside so, I’m prepping up an online activism community to speak about this cause of anti-discrimination and the serious problem of hate-crimes. Members will also be able to upload videos, photos and audio recording pertaining to this cause.

Having said that, I’m seeking volunteers to produce articles at the moment. I will reveal the URL when it is finished. I have certain people in mind for aiding me, but let’s see if they express interest.

Oh yes, the name of the community is: The Justice Tribunal. I assure you that it isn’t a play on a cartoon’s title: The Justice League.


P.S. I’m a bit sick in the head, aren’t I. I’m planning websites and neglecting the exam that is 3 days away.