Mirror Mirror on the Wall

After such a long time, I talked to the person in my mirror again. I like to refer to him as my twin brother. He’s always there in times of need.

I expected myself to breakdown at the end. He reminds me of a certain past that I dislike. But this time, it seems he has succeeded in centering my emotions. We did it. You must think I’m a mentally unstable narcissist for referring to my mirror reflection as an individual. I don’t mind really.

As for the cause of my melancholia, I have only to ask this. Why should I heed the words of ignorant pigs? I may crave for normalcy, but I’ve embraced my eccentricities. People always think fitting in a premade mould is the way to go. Well, no use arguing with pigs, they’ll only assuage their conscience with empty words.

The past is past me now, or so I hope. Lord Logenmort is back.