Have You Seen Something But Failed to Notice It

There are moments in life, I’m sure, when you get too encumbered by thoughts. As a result, you do not live in the present moment; to see but not notice; to hear but not listen. Remember the last time you looked at a book, but none of the words made way into your brain?

Just this evening I was dining in at Botak Jone’s. I was served my meal, and the waiter clearly asked for $14. I rummaged through my wallet and then handed him two $10 and two $2 notes ($24). About to dig into the food, he politely told me that I had given him ten dollars over.

What the heck? I heard him say $14 for sure. But somewhere along the way, it seemed correct to overpay.

I will no doubt be more alert in the future, but it seems that I’m blur by habit. When out with friends, talking while crossing the road, I rely on them to look out for traffic. On a few occasions, someone had to pull me back to prevent myself from flying.

Anyway, I’m hoping Vipassana meditation can help with organising my perspective. This form of meditation reminds one of the transient nature of life, and the importance of letting go. Furthermore, there are studies that have shown meditation to be effective in developing astuteness.