The Irony of Christmas

I walked the walkway towards Junction 8 yesterday, leading from the train station. Amidst the cold rainy weather, was an old handicapped man playing familiar Christmas tunes from his flute. At his foot was a bowl, where passerby’s would throw their shillings at.

The scene was an irony. One would have expected a jolly old man, from which, the music exuded. But in place of what we expected, was an old man who lost the use of his legs; and though he forced a smile, his sad eyes shone through the cold rainy weather.

In this season of giving, some of us more clearly see the woes of the less fortunate. Others on the other hand, are contented with avoiding the sadder side of reality. In this season of togetherness, the lonely souls who roam without their loved ones, will no doubt remember their losses with clarity. Let us not forget them.

Merry Christmas to all. Remember to help Santa in spreading the joy. More importantly comfort those who need it.