Reflection of The Last Month of 2008

This will be the last entry for year 2008 and I wish everyone a happy new year. I will be away tomorrow for a chalet and barbeque party.

On another note, I started out the school vacation with hefty goals. Some of these goals, I have selectively neglected in order to focus on other seemingly important goals. It pains me to say my focus on ‘important’ goals is my excuse for procrastination.

I have, for the past week, focused on developing my domain names to gain traffic, and consequently earn the US$10 by year-end. I will likely fail. For the first week, I was more productive in tackling the goals of being more confident and having better fitness. By the third week, motivation has dwindled.

However, let me acknowledge my efforts. I now know that with constant training, it is much easier to complete 2.4km jog at a faster pace. I now know that by shutting out the negative voices, I can struggle doing unsuccessful pull ups for 15 times in front of other users of the fitness corner without fear of being judged. I now know that I can be decisive and firm in my decisions without fear of being disliked. I now know that changing the way I breathe can influence an onset of emotions, just as an onset of emotions can influence breathing.

My job is half done. I simply have to kill certain habits and learn new ones to exude confidence and be a fitter person. Some things I have yet to practice: be assertive, walk without dragging my feet and stop procrastinating out of fear.

Allow me now to move on to the last stage of confidence; appearance. I was told that I looked sloppy in terms of dressing sometimes. I agree. And I neglect the growth of my hair even more. I agree as well.

I’ll definitely strive to look less sloppy. But I won’t give up on my anime hairstyle fetishes and my eccentric choices in clothing.

So, whose hairstyle to choose: Uchiha Madara (or Sasuke) or Yondaime Hokage? My hair still isn’t long enough… and I can’t seem to forget that bloody hair dresser who butchered my long hair.

Chants mantra: don’t forgive but forget… don’t forgive but forget… don’t forgive but forget

Logen L.