Terrible Roach Phobia

Nearly an hour ago, I’ve been frightened nearly to death. While I was using the laptop, something flew past my head. Immediately recognising the sound to belong to a cockroach, I let out a horrible scream and dashed out of the room.

My mum and sis came out of the room, and asked for the source of commotion. I told them, “There’s a kazua (cockroach) in my room!”. I ran into the kitchen arming myself with two cans of bug sprays.

Standing at the door to my room, I looked around and began spraying furiously, not knowing where the cockroach was. Suddenly, that big bugger scurried across the room to under my bed, making me yell twice. My mum and sis who were standing behind me jumped.

After many more screaming and yelling and spraying, the cockroach lay almost dead. I used a stick to shift it out from under the bed and it began kicking. I let out some more screams, ran out of the room and laughed at myself while crying. I reentered the room and used Baygon to spray on its legs till it kicked less vigorously.

Right now, I can’t stop looking around my room to check for anymore roaches. I’m scared out of my wits man…

Both my legs are conveniently positioned so that I can run again. My ears are extra sensitive to ticking noises that cockroaches make when twitching their feelers. And when I used the bathroom, I sprayed Baygon into it.

Maybe I  should focus on eliminating this fear for now. After all, I’m bound to meet these flying demons during NS.

Logen L.