Feeling A Paradox of Happiness and Sadness

Glad to say, I’ve become action-oriented for the past week. Having organised my goals into modules, I’ve allocated time to spend each week and created clear standards. Step-by-step, I’ll achieve my desires.

However, it saddens me to ponder about the future. I’m certain that I’ll lose many friends. I’m glad to have gained the loyalty of a few close friends. As for others, I’ll have to detach myself emotionally. If it’s gone, it’s gone. The thing about human bonds is that it strengthens over time and when it is finally cut, it feels as if someone is digging a part of your heart out.

Life is a blessing and a curse. Some people have more curses than blessings. But blessing and curses are ultimately the same thing; they merely exist on opposite ends. What we need in this world is compassion and understanding; not cruelty and ignorance.

I better stop before I say too much. You won’t be able to decipher my incoherent blabbering anyway.

Logen L.