Training In A Unique Style of Martial Arts

I want to develop my own style of fighting, which uses Aikido as a foundation. Training myself in strikes and kicks, I aim to understand the dynamics of such attacks and to develop my flexibility and balance. I’ve also practised Aikido waza regularly at both Taichi-speed and regular speed.

Logen in Sasuke cosplay

I’m looking to learn the basics of Parkour and have been practising rolling. The roll, is¬†essentially ¬†the same as the Aikido forward roll. My crazy determination and frustration has made me push myself to roll forward and backwards without break that I sometimes roll off the mat onto the concrete. Trust me, slamming your feet onto the concrete hurts.

I hope to find like-minded individuals to train with, because it helps me stay committed to my goals. I don’t want my motivation to dwindle.

Logen L.