Zouk Is Definitely Out

Once again I was at Zouk (and Phuture) on Saturday evening. Managed to do a bit of shuffling and wild dancing, but the crowd was as ever intolerable. I do not like dancing there at all. Most of the time spent on the dance floor was to push other clubbers.

Why the hell does Bala like that place so much? I’m definitely going back to my ‘homeland’ (St James Powerhouse) the next time.

Ze An described his experience there succinctly in his own words: “Why the hell did I pay $43 to dance with guys!?”. Mandy and Vanessa allowed their actions to fully express what their words could not; they left Zouk before the party ended, stating that the crowd was unbearable. Eugene had full view of my exasperated, frustrated and incredulous facial expressions for the night.

At the very least I’m profoundly grateful for the company there. Mandy (who I danced insanely with), Vanessa (who was awesome at concocting the alcohol mixes), Eugene (and gang who kept me entertained; especially the joker who grinded guys who kept pushing us at the dancefloor), Bala (and Jhansi, who were being disgustingly mushy), Nicholas(who danced briefly with me just to prove that he wasn’t standing against the wall for the entire night), Guan Yu (who kept me entertained during the cab ride home when both Guan Kai and Agatha were sleeping), Ze An (who complained about paying to dance with guys), Guan Kai (who flirted irritatingly with two girls) and Agatha (who is awesomely eccentric and bold). I’ve left out some names because some people prefer to remain ninja.

Also, I became tipsy faster this time. Doubtlessly, it was because of the Panadols and antihistamines that I took less than an hour before drinking the alcohol.

Do any of my readers have recommendations for a nightclub in Singapore with good music and little crowds?

Logen L.