My Eccentricities and Quirks

Everyone have their quirks, some are more noticable than others. Mine falls under the noticable category. So, in this post, I’ll reveal eleven of them, which you may or may not know of.

1. I have a wild imagination and am open about it. Usually I spontaneously talk to my friends as if they were beings of my imagination (wizards, ninjas and so on). Some of them give me ‘the look’ when that happens. You know the look parents show when they pretend to be impressed at their five-year-old child’s scribble of an artwork.

2. I used to be a loud and proud farter in secondary school. I would warn my friends about it by saying “curfew” and anounce the estimated quantity of fart in grams. (I know how to manipulate a  potentially loud fart and turn it into a silent fart.)

3. I hate revealing my vulnerabilities to people I don’t know/don’t know well/don’t like. (That’s why I suck at camp team-bonding crap)

4. I wrinkle my nose and hold my breathe when I use a toilet filled with urine vapour. This results in me being out of breath when I walk out of the toilet.

5. I constantly feel my pockets to check if my keys, phone and wallet are in there. I would be able to narrow down the area at which, my items may be lost at, if it becomes lost.

6. I enjoy solitude sometimes.

7. I am very particular about my privacy and have no respect for people who do not know where to draw the line.

8. I am addicted to shopping on Ebay

9. I become particularly bitchy and spontaneous when I get cranky and tired.

10. At times, when I pass by a funeral procession that reminds me of my grandfather, I feel immense sadness.

11. I don’t want a traditional funeral for myself. If I die a natural death, I’d want people to come up to my coffin and laugh boisterously like I always do. They should all have a feast of chicken rice, barbeque sting ray, kang kong, hot plate tofu and kaki fuyong for dinner at the funeral. And drink a cup of milo-si-kosong-peng (iced milo without condensed milk, add skimmed milk). Wow, that’s really sad. I will be looking at my mourners eating my favourite foods… Oh yes the epitaph! I want it to say: here lies a wizard and a ninja, who lived to eat and laugh. And I’m not joking.

Okay, that’s all for now.

Logen L.