The Post About Nothing

Very often, I take on more than I can chew. I bought more domains than I can handle, judging by the amount of time I have. This explains the less than frequent entries.

On another note, I’m losing my bloody patience with someone. It’s not going to take much more for me to hate that person. The kind of hate where you waste your time to plot a fucker’s downfall. I’ve done it to someone else before and I felt guilt. But this time, if it happens, I will do what I have to do guiltlessly…

A joke made continuously over a month is not funny. And considering that you know nothing about me, give me my due respect.

Oh well, if you want to find me around the web, here is my other blog:

It deals with domain name trading and investing.

Logen L.


Earning Cash from Domain Name Investment

Despite the impending common tests, I’m only going at three-quarter pace for revision. The remaining quarter is stuck at my domain name investments.

I’ve managed to sell a few domains at more than twice the cost price on Ebay and I guess that has spurred me on. Right now, I’m looking for ways to get easy income from my portfolio of more than twenty domain names. And it seems I’ve found a way.

At least I’m achieving another of my goals of the life list. But the revenue generated per month is still short of my ideal amount. Please do not ask how much I’m earning because honestly I don’t know.

Firstly, the income stream is too unstable to warrant proper accounting. I’m just focusing on the inflows and outflows of cash (cash-basis, not accrual-basis). Secondly, I’m a Ebay-addict. The moment I see money coming in, I immediately do some shopping on Ebay. Thirdly, perhaps the most honest reason of the three reason, I’m just damn lazy to do calculation (especially when I have to retrieve invoices, receipts from my email, Paypal and Ebay).

Now, on the topic of common test. To my readers, the common test is a relatively important set of exams, which consist of around 20% of the final score.

Modules to be tested:

  • Cost Accounting
  • Auditing 1
  • Intermediate Financial Accounting
  • Financial Management

Thus far, I’m slowly covering two modules to be tested within the next five days, of which I’m confident in. The other two that will be tested in the middle of next week, give me the jitters. Both are memory-intensive.

Oh well, no point talking without acting. All the best to me and those who face the common test. May the will of the dragon be with you.

Logen L. (Sandaime Dragonkage, Head of the Dragon Clan, Member of the Legendary Elder Yonnin)