Zouk Is Out?

I’ve been to Zouk (and Phuture) for some partying on Good Friday, and I’m disappointed by the nightclub. There are mainly three types of clubbers: (1) The drinkers, (2) The dancers and (3) The pick-up artists. I belong to category two, the dancers.

Let’s just say I’m a dancer who needs a lot of space and neither Zouk nor Phuture allows me to move. I would be satisfied to be able to move my legs a little but I was suffocating in a sea of grinding clubbers. I could only stand and rock my body awkwardly most of the time. ┬áTo add to the insult of the experience, the music wasn’t good. There were only ten-second snippets each of the choruses of ‘Just Dance’, ‘Pokerface’ and other club favourites.

But allow me to give out some positive points. I enjoyed the drinks served at Zouk and it was my first time trying out the Flaming Lambo and two shots of Seven Dwarves. The service standard was good. The staff was friendly and quick.

The highlight, I suppose, was when I broke off from the suffocation and went down the stairs to an emptier area leading to Zouk. There was a shuffler, doing a crazy shuffle. I just stood there and watched his awesomeness.

Hmm… Not sure if this is also a highlight, but it was my first time having bouncers push through the crowd to break up two fights. When we left, there was blood on the stairs.

In any case, it might be due to the public holiday that Zouk is so packed. I hope my next visit on the coming Saturday would be more than awesome.

Logen L.


Fantastic Friday At St James

I’m in love with Powerhouse at St. James. Though it has been two days, I still feel the music pounding and my body pulsates to the imaginary beats when I drift off to sleep.

I was dancing all night with Ais and Mandy, and it was amazing to see them go crazy in heels. Throughout the night, I’d glance at a regular who caught my eye. I cannot attest enough at how I’d faint from the hotness. It made me feel both melancholic and high. Melancholic because I know it’d never happen. It was funny how both Ais and I occasionally stared at opposite directions, and we gave each other the knowing look.

As a side note, the three of us (Ais, Mandy and I) are intimate friends. Despite having not seen each other for some time, we reconnected readily. Pointed out by her mom, Ais and I have similar features and seem like twins in a few photos. And yes, we have some sort of twin telepathy.

[wordbay]glow shirt[/wordbay]

As the night progressed, the lights suddenly darkened and a spotlight shone on a clubber who was shuffling insanely on stage. Some of us stopped just to watch her. Then everyone on the dance floor went wild and cheered on the girl. She was already tiring out, but the moment she heard the crowd, the surge of adrenaline allowed her to continue. Mandy and I shouted and clapped when she was done. Haha.

The last song toned down to a slow version of Umbrella by Rihana. Mandy and I rested on the the couch, legs totally wobbly and sang along. Strangely enough, no one had vacated the club. Mandy’s friend who worked there informed us that the police has raided the place so no one could leave.

Sighs. Fantastic Friday night…

Logen L.