The Truth Is Relative and Incomplete

We sometimes forget that the laws of this world are neither black nor white. Shades of gray is still errorneous, though it leans closer towards the truth.

Where judgment is concerned, the hues of colour matter, as colours represent human emotions. And emotions are byproducts of how people intepret their incomplete truth, of which is dangerously limited by sight and hearing. As said before, the truth and reality is relative.

While the wise aren’t enslaved by absolute judgments of black and white, I, the fool, chose to react to stabbing words. I can’t blame myself really. What would you do if someone sliced open your inner scars and ran that blade up and down, carving it deeper into your flesh. I skipped logic and went straight into panic mode. It is a self-preservation thing.

I have to admit that panic-mode is the worst state of mind to be in. Your heart races, your body prepares itself for another hurtful episode and simple problems are exagerated by your mind. The deadly combination wrenches all the hope within you and eventually triggers a mental shutdown (you get a breakdown if you’re unlucky).

That said, I’ll have to be the bigger man. I have to open my eyes to the colours of the world. I resolve not to neglect reason because the truth is sometimes beyond what can be seen and heard. I do maintain that I belong elsewhere though.