The Balancing Act Goal

Have to start revision soon. I hate to leave things to the last minute. It’s just that the whole domain name investment is taking my attention. Worse, I’ve been skipping lectures.

However, I resolve to strike a balance between school and business. And blogging for 2 blogs of course!

So, my first step for tomorrow:

  1. Study for my CIP module and complete the graded e-quiz
  2. Practise bank reconciliation for the mini-test
  3. Catch up with the Business Statistics module (Chapter 1, 2 and 3)

Priority goes to the top 2 of the list.

That said, I feel bad for neglecting this blog. Inspiration is coming back to me, but to express it adequately, I have to invest time. Time, as in days or even weeks, to pen my short fiction. I lack that time. I’ll, however, use my past works as fillers. Any objections?