First Time To The Movies

I had intended originally to buy a pair of three-quater pants but I then remembered that My little sister hadn’t been to the movies before. In a spur of the moment decision, I brought my little sister to the cinemas to watch Alvin and The Chipmunks.

The poor girl had a fever the previous day but despite it, I could tell that she was excited. It just brings back memories of myself when I was a kid.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll be doing some shopping tomorrow and I’m hooked on EBay. I’ll post the items I’m interested in later on. Don’t any of you compete in the auction. Haha.

Christmas Eve on Monday!

Merry Christmas.



Journeying through Religion

The following article talks about my take on religion.

Life’s reality is harsh, perhaps even cruel. Have you ever woken up and wondered why you have to battle through yet another routine? Although there is an obvious option to end our lives, we avoid that.

Maybe some of us continue to journey through life, hoping to find our destiny. Perhaps faith in a higher power spurs us on. And possibly, you believe that neither destiny nor god is relevant to the equation of living life.

It was at the age of 11 when I asked myself about my beliefs. At which, I found them to be an empty mirror of my parents’ (Hinduism and Budhism). Thereafter, I decided to turn to Christianity. Honestly, I was initially attracted to it because of it’s lesser requirements to go to heaven. And the Chinese Budhism idea of hell scared me a lot. I did enjoy school chapel services.

Two years later, I chose instead to become a Wiccan. I took the longest time with this decsion because Wicca wasn’t common and I still felt attached to my past religions. Wicca’s idea of harmony intrigued me immensely. Its appeal lay in the focus on nature and freedom of belief. I wasn’t bound by, what I felt were, empty rules.

Anyway, I had believed that the gods and godesses were representations of a higher power. And morality was dictated by the Wiccan tennet, which basically connotes: In everything you do, harm no one and treat all with respect. I hold this standard of morality till this day.

I discovered that one need not prescribe himself/herself to what was common and accepted. After all, religion was created by men.

The final transition was when I rediscovered Budhism. Not the one in Singapore that was fused with Chinese folklore, but the one which stuck to its ancient roots in Nepal. Its philosophy on life opened my mind to certain concepts like emptiness and the ego.

Then on, I became Agnostic. I don’t know if god exists but believe his/her existence is irrelevant to living life to the fullest. I don’t believe in destiny as preconceived. Nor do I believe in a preconceived purpose in life.

However, I do believe that we are what we make ourselves to be. We are the ultimate gods and goddesses of our fate. This is my reason for waking up daily and living life. The religion of self-empowerment.



The Balancing Act Goal

Have to start revision soon. I hate to leave things to the last minute. It’s just that the whole domain name investment is taking my attention. Worse, I’ve been skipping lectures.

However, I resolve to strike a balance between school and business. And blogging for 2 blogs of course!

So, my first step for tomorrow:

  1. Study for my CIP module and complete the graded e-quiz
  2. Practise bank reconciliation for the mini-test
  3. Catch up with the Business Statistics module (Chapter 1, 2 and 3)

Priority goes to the top 2 of the list.

That said, I feel bad for neglecting this blog. Inspiration is coming back to me, but to express it adequately, I have to invest time. Time, as in days or even weeks, to pen my short fiction. I lack that time. I’ll, however, use my past works as fillers. Any objections?



This Old Kid Wants To Draw

When asked about my hobbies at the age of 7, I’d say I love to draw. But, as years went by, my interest in it dwindled.

Anxiety, whenever the teacher graded art, replaced the joy and freedom of drawing. Besides, I wrongly believed that sketching was an inborn ability that cannot be learnt. So, I eventually gave it up as a leisure activity.

And now, I want to take it up again. I hope to do portrait drawing. However, time, plus my knack to procrastinate, does not permit my desire. I admire kids for they can do stupid things without being mocked.

I shall add the below to my life list. Come the school-break, I must work on it.

To do a good portrait drawing



Logen is Logish

Eyes shut, trying a blazer

Hi, I’m Logen. Above is a picture of me. My friends think I’m crazy. I agree, though I can’t explain why.

My head brims with stories, which I’d soon like to pen. They come to me when I dream, fantasise or feel depressed. They act as a talisman against my reality that sometimes is sad. I fear it.

Reality is what we perceive to be true, while fantasy is what we hope will exist. The line is blurred between the two. One can only be hopeful.