Juggle Ebay, Ninja Training and School Every Week

I’ve been in an entrepreneurial mood this past week. I’ve been doing a lot of selling on Ebay and have some successes. To test the market, I opened an Ebay Store. Hopefully, I can reach my target market and sell some more domain names.

Consequent to my obsession with Ebay, I’ve neglected some modules and have been putting off revision for the coming Common Test. Okay, this is nothing new. Remember last year?

Aside the business dealings that is eating up my time, I’ve recently started ‘ninja training’ on Wednesday and Friday evenings. I can honestly say, despite this I do actually have slack time if I don’t laze around. But my time management sucks.


Logen L.


The Balancing Act Goal

Have to start revision soon. I hate to leave things to the last minute. It’s just that the whole domain name investment is taking my attention. Worse, I’ve been skipping lectures.

However, I resolve to strike a balance between school and business. And blogging for 2 blogs of course!

So, my first step for tomorrow:

  1. Study for my CIP module and complete the graded e-quiz
  2. Practise bank reconciliation for the mini-test
  3. Catch up with the Business Statistics module (Chapter 1, 2 and 3)

Priority goes to the top 2 of the list.

That said, I feel bad for neglecting this blog. Inspiration is coming back to me, but to express it adequately, I have to invest time. Time, as in days or even weeks, to pen my short fiction. I lack that time. I’ll, however, use my past works as fillers. Any objections?