Get Paid To Learn Baking Pastries

I dream of a day when I can enjoy a hot cup of green tea coupled with self-baked pastries or dim sum.

Siew mai

Ever since the internship, I’ve wanted to learn to bake pastries/prepare dimsum. Audit work was boring so I indulged in ‘snacks’ like xiao long bao, shen jian bao or portugese egg tarts. Wouldn’t it be cheaper if I could make them myself?

Today, the opportunity presented itself to me. The lady at the bakery nearby asked if I knew of anyone who would want to work part-time. The pay ranges from S$3 to S$4. Working hour begins at 6.30 am and I think it lasts for more than 8 hours.

I have three options.

  1. Commit to the working hours and learn to bake pastries while being paid for it
  2. Find recipes online and try out baking on my own
  3. Go for a dim sum course

Honestly, I find it a waste of time to commit more than 1 week of my time to work. If you were me, what would you choose?

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Logen L.