Of The Military, Martial Arts and Meditation

I’ve submitted my documentation pertaining to the military conscription.¬†Close to Christmas, I have a medical appointment to ascertain my fitness and health in order to serve the army. The thought of inserting a needle into my vein to draw blood is making me squeamish.

For the next three months, I’ll acclimating myself to a new workout routine, incorporating martial arts and Parkour. I also want to get back to meditating. But for that to happen, I’ve got to take care of my body properly. I’m getting regular fatigue combined with migraines and this won’t be conducive to meditation practice. I ended up in a half sleep state the last time I meditated while fatigued.

Any cures for fatigue or/and migraine? My mother will probably say, “You sleep so late everyday, of course headache lah!”. Haha.

Logen L.