Imprisoned Without A Trial

There was a civil rights demonstration in KL, Malaysia, by a minority race. They have warned that the ISA (Internal Security Act) will be used if necessary. These set of laws allow the imprisonment of a person, without trial, for a certain period. Originally evoked to keep Communism at bay, they have been wrongfully used to quell opposition.

I’m disgusted that fear of opposition has justified this injustice. The ISA may have been well-intentioned but it ought to be tightened. There must be no room for it to be abused. Imprisonment without a trial would mean no analysis if the guilty is actually guilty. And that the purpose of imprisonment was actually for security.

We may be talking about Malaysia here, but Singapore have this set of laws. It was inherited during the merger with Malaysia, and was retained after separation. Enough said. We shall watch the events as they unfold.