Reducing My Phobia Of Cockroaches

I’ve been listening to hypnosis recordings a few times a week to reduce my fear of cockroaches.

Days ago, I managed to spray down a young flying cockroach and wrap it in newspaper to throw away. I found out I can handle the presence of a cockroach if I either close my eyes or ignore its ugly features when killing it. If I look at its feelers, ugly eyes or kicking legs, I’ll end up screaming.

Last night, I had a vivid nightmare and I remember using scrunched up newspaper to whack a huge cockroach dead. And even flicking a smaller cockroach off my thigh.

Yes, it was a dream. But if I’m able to subconsciously deal with cockroaches, perhaps I am actually reducing my fear with the help of hypnosis.

It is a small step towards my goal. And I’m feeling happy about it. I’m not ready to deal with huge flying cockroaches though. Or even huge running cockroaches.

Logen Lanka


To Conquer My Fear of Cockroaches

I’m still afraid of cockroaches. But so long as they stay away from my house and keep a distance of two metres away from me when I’m out, I don’t mind their existence. As for the flying ones, I prefer to extend the distance to one kilometre.

Why am I talking about this all of a sudden? I had previously mentioned using NLP to overcome phobias. I wanted to rid myself of this fear by the age of eighteen. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to (considering that I have less than three days).

I have let loose on my reins of time and haven’t been reading up on the NLP books I gathered. In oher words, I still lack the fundamentals to work NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to that level. You will have to wait longer to see the results.

Logen L.


Overcoming Fears and Phobia

Some days ago, I mentioned about testing NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques and get back to you if it works. I haven’t tested it yet, if you are wondering.

I need to have sufficient understanding on the NLP techniques first. Once I’m prepared, my first test would involve overcoming my fear of cockroaches. After a recent scare from Harris, when he tried to kick a cockroach at me, I decided not to live with being controlled by this fear.

The reason why I haven’t called my fear a phobia is because I can watch Oggy and The Cockroaches without feeling squeamish. That’s a cartoon by the way. Oh well.

Here’s a more realistic picture of my fear…

My last cockroach house-invasion four years ago, left me running around the house screaming. I was on the phone with a friend, and I’m sure he must have gone deaf when I spotted the huge flying cockroach. My parents were out, so I retreated into my room. I psyched myself into running out to grab the Baygon once the coast was clear. It was difficult as I kept imagining the flying bitch waiting to attack once I opened the door. I did defeat the cockroach eventually but the whole house was oily with Baygon residue after the battle.

So, hopefully before my 18th birthday, through applying NLP techniques, I would have eliminated my fear of roaches. Friends, if you want to help me, don’t scare me with them.

Watch this space. And watch a demonstration of NLP below (used to help Ellen quit smoking). To make this clear, this isn’t hypnosis.

Logen L.