Confidence Is Believing In Yourself

I used to believe mental preparation and theoretical knowledge was key to gaining confidence. That, however, is inaccurate.

Believing In Yourself

One has to challenge himself in the world of reality, where unplanned and spontaneous behaviour runs the show. You will not know the outcome of your unplanned actions, but if you succeed, this experience becomes a great confidence booster. It allows you to believe in yourself and your abilities.

Yesterday, my gathering with old friends made me realise I still subconsciously held on my perfectionist ideals. I observed myself not daring to try new things for fear of appearing stupid. For instance, at the funfair, it was until Danny handed me the ‘riffle’ in his insistance that I try to hit the target that I did so. I missed the target but made a close shot.

This ordinary experience gave me profund insight: Sometimes, we have to give ourselves the right to be imperfect, be unconcerned about the outcome and have fun.

I was so afraid of appearing incompetent. But once I made the imperfect but close shot, I learnt to have more faith in myself.

So, the key to my quest of confidence, is to put myself in reality and practice having faith in my abilities.

Logen L.